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There are a number of distinct types:

A. Double Car Stacker
B. Triple Car Stacker
These are placed on existing ground and do not require excavation or engineering works. Remove bottom car and middle car before lowering platforms

C. Double Pit
D. Triple Pit
These are suitable for a location where a pit can be excavated. Each car can park and exit independently.

E. Lateral Moving Platforms
Where there is no headroom available to put one car above another. Each car can park and exit independently. No excavation or engineering work required.

F. Semi-Automatic : Double - Placed on Existing Ground
G. Semi-Automatic : Double - Pit System for Restricted Headroom
H. Semi-Automatic : Triple - Pit System
Each car can park and exit independently.

I. Turntables
Allows you to drive in and out of restricted areas.

J. Fully Automatic Systems

Details on Request

Advantages of Mechanical Parking
  1. Costs a fraction of a conventional space.
  2. All spaces are on ONE floor, which saves on operational costs, such as , internal ramps, security, lighting, fume extraction, sprinkler systems, carpark markings, fire escapes, cleaning, CCTV, signage etc.
  3. Units are robust, reliable and user friendly. Some models have been in use since 1964.
  4. Suitable for basements, offices, apartments, mews,back yards, hotel/guesthouses etc.